Zero-risk processing procedures

In order to provide better cell storage quality and higher cell survival rate, Enhance Cell Bank standardizes procedures with closely monitored steps

After collecting our clients’ blood samples, we deliver them safely under an absolute temperature to our laboratories and process the cells prudently.

  1. Once blood-transporting technician receives the blood samples (temperature throughout transporting process must be between 15-25 degrees), they will first verify with our clients’ documents and make sure of the completeness of our clients’ blood samples.
  2. For hygiene purpose, 75% alcohol solution is used for more efficient cleaning. And the sample will be transported independently to the clean area for processing.
  3. Trained technicians must wear clean room suit before entering the clean area and pass through the air shower to decrease the amount of suspending micro-dusts.
  4. To avoid blood samples confusion and microbe contamination, each technician only processes one sample on hood at one time throughout the entire process.
  5. After processing, we use programmable sequences, or slow programmable freezing to decrease the temperature to -80 degrees, and store it in cryogenic tank at -180 degrees, which can “halt aging” and ensure that the collected cells stay in their pristine state.