ISO9001 Certified National Cell Bank and Lab

Enhance Cell Bank stores our clients' stem cells in "The NHRI Cell Bank." This storehouse utilizes nationally certified cell storage equipment and has also been awarded the internationally recognized ISO9001 certificate of cell storage.

For the clinical aspect, we especially brought in Professor Jae-Hung Shieh, a foremost stem cell authority figure formerly from the Sloan Kettering Institute to introduce the most innovative technology, the Bio Assay. This technology provides tremendous assistance for future applications by accurately analyzing our stem cell type, quantity, viability, and normality of its functionality.

By Controlling and Monitoring Every Step, We Ensure the Quality and Survival of Our Cells

A key to preserve both viability and functionality of stem cells requires very dedicated efforts. Enhance Cell Bank specifically developed a rapid and efficient process to dramatically eliminate any potential damage to stem cells. The liquid nitrogen tanks are monitored 24 hours daily. All liquid nitrogen tanks are connected to 11-tons filler liquid nitrogen tanks and are automatically replenished with liquid nitrogen via computer to ensure a proper low temperature environment. Furthermore, a 3Q temperature calibration of those liquid tanks is conducted annually to comply with the Regulation of Department of Health such that all liquid nitrogen tanks have the highest level of temperature stability.

Benefits of cryo tube:


Cryo tube
Material : PPR material approved and certified by US FDA 
Benefits : Utilizing flexible storage method , we could satisfy our clients’ multiple requests 
Storage : Because of different usage frequencies, our PPR uses the 2+1 micro
Location : barcode system to separately store our clients’ cells. 

First Ever DNA ID Identification System

Enhance Cell Bank not only uses bar codes to create our clients’ data, but also uses US FBI COSDIS no.13 as a base to help each client create his or her own exclusive DNA ID. This prevents errors from happening, and thus decreasing medical risks.