Aging is inevitable. 

When the body is exposed to intrinsic and extrinsic aging factors, DNA structural variability leads to a decline in cellular function.

There are about 60 trillion cells in the body, about 60-1200 billion cells die every day, and about the same number of cells differentiated by stem cells at the same time. When the rate of cell death is faster than cell regeneration, people age. Their immune system is down and diseases will begin to surface. While people are aging, stem cells are also aging, and the ability to regenerate and repair is deteriorating.

Therefore, storing healthy stem cells in good health becomes an important choice for precautions. Storing the healthy "stem cells" is like saving the future life and health, and storing an extraordinary insurance for the happiness of yourself and your family. If the stem cells are frozen in liquid nitrogen at -196 °C, it’s just like pressing the pause button of the cells, the cells can stop aging. When the cells are in need, press the start button and the cells will continue to operate. With the dominance of this starter switch, you can set a stop loss for your health.   

Choose to store "adult peripheral blood marrow stem cells" to reduce the risk to near zero.

Autologous peripheral blood stem cells, as the name suggests, come from themselves. Therefore, in the future, if there is medical need, there is no need to match, and there is no risk of allogeneic rejection and disease transmission, and the time for clinical recovery is also short. In addition, according to a 12-year follow-up study conducted by Germany for 4,000 cases, stem cells collected from autologous peripheral blood are known to be almost risk-free, whether they are collected or used.