Can I use my child’s umbilical cord blood as a source of younger stem cells?

Umbilical cord blood must be collected immediately upon birth. While there are hematopoietic stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells in the cord blood, the numbers thereof are limited. Furthermore, for average adult to make practical use of the cord blood stem cells, there must be sufficient amount of the stem cells. If this is the case, pairing is required. Often, the pairing process fails due to issues of repellence. If not for several technical and procedural difficulties, cord blood stem cells are a fantastic source for stem cells.

Although most people have missed this prime window of opportunity to bank stem cells, one can still collect peripheral blood stem cells. By collecting peripheral blood bone marrow stem cells, we not only collect hematopoietic stem cells, but also mesenchymal stem cells, VSEL, progenitor cells, and immunocyte cells. So, for the average adults who are no longer capable to collect stem cells, we provide a great way to collect healthy stem cells in sufficient amounts for future therapeutic use.

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