How does Enhance Cell Bank preserve the vitality of stem cells?

A key to preserve both viability and functionality of stem cells requires very dedicated efforts. Enhance Cell Bank specifically developed a rapid and efficient process to eliminate any potential damage to stem cells. This process results in highest stem cells survival rate. A temperature-controlled cryopreservation instrument is used to freeze stem cells to prevent any ice crystal formation during the freezing process. Subsequently, the frozen stem cells are transferred to a gas-phase liquid nitrogen tank which maintains at -180C. The liquid nitrogen tanks are monitored 24 hours daily. All liquid nitrogen tanks are connected to 11-tons filler liquid nitrogen tanks and are automatically replenished with liquid nitrogen controlled by computer to ensure a proper low temperature environment. A 3Q temperature calibration of those liquid tanks is conducted annually to comply with the Regulation of Department of Health such that all liquid nitrogen tanks have the highest level of temperature stability.

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