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Founded in 2010 and located in Taipei by DunHua North Road, Enhance Biomedical is run by an experienced team of professionals in Taiwan. Cooperating with a leading blood bank in Taiwan that controls the nation’s cell bank and possesses P2 level laboratories and medical laboratories, we provided top-quality and reliable Peripheral Blood Bone Marrow Stem Cell and Immune Cell collecting services to 2000+ clients over the past years. We have accumulated abundant experience in providing stem cell and immune cell collection, storage and application services to the most health-conscious elites.

In September 2015, Enhance Biomedical Group passed the review of the expert group from the Ministry of Public Health, and so became the first to own licenses of stem cell and immune cell blood banks and general hospital. Also, the Group initiated the project of Hainan South China Center. Enhance Biomedical has started establishing Enhance General Hospital for Clinical Stem Cell and Immune Cell Therapies in Bo'ao, Hainan. The hospital is completed in the fourth quarter of 2021. In the future, the customized one-stop total medical solution services will be provided for the customers. The vision of Enhance Biomedical for sharing its R&D achievements and service platform jointly with international team for professional studies is expected to be realized in a year.

Through the cooperation between industry and government, Enhance Biomedical has worked closely with well-known domestic medical institutions to develop the direction of future cell therapy to achieve a vertical integration of the service chain for the storage and use of "autologous peripheral blood marrow stem cells". Among them, Enhance Biomedical conducted a research project "CD34+ Stem Cell to Skin Rejuvenation" and "CD34+ and Anti-Aging and Anti-Tumor Analysis" in 2011 with China Medical University Taiwan. Both studies have shown surprising result. "CD34+ stem cell research on skin rejuvenation" project’s excellent result were not only published in the 5th Pan Pacific International Stem Cell and Cancer Research Symposium, but also selected as the cover of the 2013 Cell Transplantation Journal.

In February 2012, Enhance Biomedical cooperated with Taipei Veterans General Hospital on “Cell therapy with G-CSF-mobilized stem cell in osteoarthritis disease pre-clinical trial” and moved into clinical trial in February 2013. In March 2014, Enhance Biomedical published the animal experiment results paper "Cell therapy with G-CSF mobilized stem cells in a rat osteoarthritis model" in online International Journal “Cell Transplantation”. This paper proves that injection of G-CSF can increase the number of stem cells in rats peripheral blood. Also, the peripheral blood stem cells of this rat are firstly collected and frozen, and then thawed into the knee joint of rats suffering OA. It’s proved that it helps to repair rats knee arthritis. This clinical trial (titled “Cell therapy with peripheral blood stem cell in Osteoarthritis”) received CDE approval in February and TFDA phase I approval on November 20 in 2018.

Since Science magazine ranked tumor immunotherapy in 2014 as the top ten medical breakthroughs in 2013, immune cell therapy has become a prominent feature of cancer treatment. Enhance Biomedical foresees the trend of immune cell therapy and cooperates with Navi Bio-Therapeutic. Inc., expertise in Cellular Immunology, Biotechnology, Clinical Immunology: Autoimmune diseases, Tumor Immunology and Cell therapy. On September 6, 2018, the Department of Medical Affairs under the Ministry of Health and Welfare Taiwan passed “Regulations Governing the Application of Specific Medical Examination Techniques and Medical Devices”, including six types of cell therapies, indicating the government's affirmation of cell therapy. This regulation has opened a new page for Taiwan medical.

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Enhance Biomedical provides customers with the best facilities and services, so that customers can feel safe and secure storing their most valuable "adult peripheral blood marrow stem cells" and "immune cells" here. While gradually moving towards the era of personalized medical, using its own cells to create tailor-made medical services has become one of the mainstream medical developments in the future!